"At first I wrote the names of the worst criminals I could think of, like I was cleaning up the world one name at a time, so that eventually no one will ever do anything evil again. And while the truly guilty ones who deserve to be punished for their crimes die of heart attacks, the people who are less guilty but who still make trouble for others will slowly be erased through disease and accidental death. Then and only then the world will start moving in the right direction. It’ll be new world free of injustice and populated by people who I’ve judged to be honest, kind, and hardworking." — Light Yagami

My lazyness took over again.

So I’m pretty late but….. hey at least I’m trying. When I see something cool but don’t feel like hash tagging it I just save it as a draft and then this pile builds up and i finally have a day where there is legitimately nothing going on but friggin huge storms with hail outside so Hey sounds like a perfect day to tumbl. XD so yeah there’s probably like a group of world cup stuff and birthdays and things….. yeah. Sorry. Just enjoy the wave. XD




I reached 200 followers so as thanks I’m doing a tiny Giveaway!

These are all things I have made myself, and I want to have at least 40 entries into the draw for it to go on. 

The deadline is September 15th.


You must follow me at Supercrazysmile

Likes don’t count, only reblogs

if you’re under 18 you have to have permission from an adult to give me your address.

Please note: I will need your address.

If you do win, you need to reply within 3 days or the prize will be given to someone else.


I have more than the shown items, I also make clay charm jewelry if there is anything EASY and specific you would like.

I can make bag charms, earrings, necklaces, bracelets, charm bracelets, pin badges or small models. for examples of other things I can make message me and I can show you.

1st place:

The charm bracelet and a choice of 2 other from my creation collection.


2 charms like the ‘Love’ bottle shown, or one charm and one small bracelet like the penguin one or the wishes and dreams one.


1 bottle charm.

Thanks for the followers! :3






This website is like a suicide hotline but with text chat instead.  I would appreciate it if you guys helped spread the word.

Guys, seriously. Signal boost. I needed this the other night, and a few weeks ago I was talking with someone who needed it. This is the best freaking thing ever. 


I am so glad I found this. I hate calling hotlines. this is perfect, everyone must know.